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Nice restaurant with plenty of books in it and a slate with 3 dishes including a vegetarian plate (which changes daily or almost) and that's it! The simplicity that I love (especially when I have super fine and so not all the ability to choose between more than 3 dishes ;))

Passing through Arles yesterday with a friend, we tested the Mangelire for a nice break and without fuss. I chose vegetarian, well-stocked plate: salty cake, salad, lentil salad, salad of Zucchini, artichoke caviar and my friend to chose a tartare of beef with fries and salad (I confess that I liked too have in my plate Veggie). Only things simple and good for €12.

The dishes seem really vary depending on the day: Gratin dauphinois, bones and bone has marrow, beef stew, curry coco, rougail sausage, sautéed pork sweet potatoes...

Responsible stance

Notice to the flexitarian to vegetarian: you will always find a vegetarian dish here. By elsewhere much products are organic.

Inside awaits a large selection of books and often a local artist exhibition and other cultural events.

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