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Taolagnaro, MADAGASCAR
Bar Restaurant
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Inaugurated on March 2, 2018, the MANUIA BAR is a casual Bar-Restaurant located in the center of the town of Fort Dauphin, to the South of Madagascar. The map is composed of fresh products, and cocktails of fruits of the day.

Responsible stance

We decided to ban the straws plastic disposable, as well as towels or disposable paper tablecloths. We prefer the bottles in glass. Plastic bottles or cans are systematically retrieved and reused or resold to a new life.

We practice selective sorting to the extent possible in Madagascar, all organic waste are valued pending the installation of a compost.

We offer vegetarian dishes on our menu which changes daily or every other day.

Water management is restricted in an optimal way, and our products are maximally manufactured House vinegar, oils and baking.

All materials used were taken locally in a reasoned way and to increase the knowledge local make (wood, fabrics, crafts). We prefer to use LED lights to reduce our electricity consumption.

This address has been shared on 17/12/2018 by Lily Strange , the establishment itself.


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