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A nice restaurant, in the middle of a garden.
A pop-up menu with vegetarian options.

Great place for a lunch or dinner (attention, consider booking during high season).

Responsible stance

The goal of this restaurant is to train students from disadvantaged. During our visit, they had 60 students in all. Each student follows a year of cooking classes and a year of courses of hospitality. During our visit, the students took our order and was the service while being accompanied by a teacher. Once the training is completed, students have the opportunity to interview with Marum partner restaurants.

These students come from the surrounding villages and were identified by social workers with whom Marum works. The restaurant houses students wishing to stay in Siem Reap and organizes transportation for those wishing to return home.

Next to the restaurant, a small store sells products made of recycled and local materials. The association partner, Friends'n stuff, buy "waste", provides them free of charge to the families of the students of Marum, collects and redeems handicrafts manufactured (jewelry and handbags in recycled, for example), in order to guarantee an income minimum weekly.

Editor's Note:
This Restaurant is part of the "Tree-restaurants", restaurants-schools who associated themselves with NGOs to ensure quality training. They are social companies. The "tree-restaurants" reinvesting their profits in the training of their students and social programs that allows them to go to the end of their professional project.

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