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Mélodie du désert

M'hamid El Ghizane, MOROCCO
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Eco-tourism approach, melody of the desert makes travel trekkers in the heart of the Moroccan desert to meet the nomadic culture and the magnificent desert landscapes of the Sahara.

All of our trips in the Morocco desert leave of me hamid, the last village before the Sahara.

Accompanied by a team local Sahrawi and Camel Caravan, it is along the high dunes of the Draa Valley history, the palm groves that unfold our treks to the rhythm of the life of the desert and the oasis.

Because melody of the desert is a tourism player in an unusual setting, chosen to provide respectful "ecotourism" trips in the region of the Valley of Draa was obvious.
Offer stays of quality with the least impact on the environment, the flora and fauna of the desert of the Morocco.
One of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly ecotourism is to opt for treks. They combine travel, immersion in the local culture and respect for the environment.

Responsible stance

Immersion in the local culture.
Respect for the environment.
Local development.
Options Veggie/vegan/intolerance (let know us in advance).

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