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Memorial du camp de Rivesaltes

Salses-le-Château, FRANCE
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The transit camp of Rivesaltes has a pretty heavy story.

In November 1938 is passed a law that allows the detention of "undesirable aliens" including the Spaniards, driven by Franco, will be the 1st victims, then joined during the 2nd World War by Jews and Gypsies, to release it is a prison for the "collaborator" and political prisoners, during the war in Algeria, a prison for the FLN, then the war is over the harkis there are long left behind and in 1966 the Guinean soldiers are transferred there.

In short, a terrible place, where the duty of memory is necessary.
Beyond the permanent exhibitions of the temporary exhibitions on similar topics can be visited. At the moment, "A war with no name", until September 16, is the photographic panorama of the war of Algeria and its repercussions in France on the Rivesaltes camp.

Responsible stance

The purpose of this site is responsible because it is educational and memory, to reflect on the past but also on the present with immigration including.

Education especially of youth through route to cultural and artistic dimension.

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