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Merazonia is a rescue center for wild animals, located at the entrance of the Amazon close to Baños. Created a decade ago, the center houses monkeys, parrots, kinkajous, a puma, sometimes other cats, etc. Any animal in need of care, a new roof or to be rehabilitated. It changes regularly since the purpose of the Center is to release to the wild, animals that can be. While we were there we welcomed 4 new animals and 3 have been released.

Here, no question of letting tourists visit and disturb the animals, only volunteers who are willing to commit at least 2 weeks (personally we recommend to stay at least 3 weeks to live the real experience to the end). And if the experience is unique, maybe the most amazing of my life, it's real work that awaits you, 7 hours a day, 5.5 days per week (Sunday we work too, but less and everyone has a day of rest in the week).

Responsible stance

In principle a rescue center is in commitment for the animals. Unfortunately, some do not play the game and eventually become only tourist attractions and money driven.

Here, no risk, the animal comes first, always. I can't count the number of evenings to discuss (or rather to listen to discussions) of the best decisions to take for Maya or Romeo. Merazonia takes into account each animal as an individual with its own character, but also animals as a group and as a species in the event of a release in nature.

In terms of ecological impact, we're also in an exceptional experience since the toilets are dry, there is no electricity and we live in nature. Organic waste is composted (and I must say that animal waste a lot) and reused in the permaculture in the field planting, similarly a large part of the waste plastics are re-used. All that can be transformed and reused, is always. It was also one of my favorite activities to find an ingenious way of reusing any packaging to make games for the capuchin monkeys.

Finally, the centre is the ideal place to learn how to reduce consumption of meat since there is meat only twice a week. In the Center it is common that vegetarians and vegans are more numerous than the meat-eaters, a perfect opportunity to learn to cook differently.

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