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MigranTour Paris

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Migratour is a network of citizens, present in 9 cities European (Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome, Marseille, Paris, Valences, and Lisbon) which aims to promote the cultural and social diversity of the Migration of peoples in Europe and value double-cultures arising therefrom.

In Paris, from culture of 4 guides-couriers visited neighborhoods accompany you (4 circuits) to meet residents, glad to make you discover their Paris. Still a great way to travel without leaving (for Parisians of you) with a solidarity trip!
-The drop of gold with Barbés and Château Rouge, La Chapelle and Tamil culture, - Belleville and Ménilmontant around the arts and inhabitants of 'Babel-city';
-Massena - Olympics and Asia South-East, the Latin America and its stereotypes and
-The footprints of a Croatian heritage in the latin quarter.

NB: in Paris it's association-Bastina travel agency that coordinates the project.

Responsible stance

In this logic of solidarity, the Migrantour of Paris walks are in free prizes. The benefits of visits are used to support the movement, which aims to promote cultural diversity and the integration of migrants, respect and understanding.

These towers are made for an interpretation and a knowledge of social and cultural of a neighborhood practices, understand its inhabitants, discover unique routes of migrants, and deconstruct our shots, finally make the mediation economic development.

For the smugglers of culture, it is also an opportunity to be trained.

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