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Monastère Orthodoxe de Solan

La Bastide-d'Engras, FRANCE
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The monastery of Solan, is a place isolated from the Gard campaign. It is a religious community, installed in 91 which hosts the laity to recharge time for a retreat or just for a visit to the chapel. The doors are also open to sell the products of the areas and provide access to the library.

The desire of the sisters is to live in synergy with the Earth. They farm so the 60ha surrounding the monastery according to the rules of Agroecology. They can also live in quasi independence, which do not prevent them from offering some of their products for sale: wines, jams, salt flavored, aperitifs made from wine and Vinegars.

It is possible to be volunteers, like poultry.

Responsible stance

The Sisters so follow the rules of Agroecology and methods respectful of the environment, and also a bit of permaculture... Carrots grow with coriander which takes away the flies, the tomatoes with the Basil and the Carnation of India to avoid aphids and ants...

The monastery became an experimental example for other monasteries which suddenly embarked on the approach. And imagine you're Pierre Rabhi him even who is originally from the ecological approach of the sisters.

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