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Moon Food

Bruxelles, BELGIUM

After a meeting in Brussels, I was wandering in the city looking for a nice restaurant where I can sit, relax and eat well; and that's where I see on a storefront at the corner of a street: 'Vegan, organic, gluten free, lactose free'! I'm not vegan but for once this stirred my curiosity. So I crossed the doorstep of Moon Food, one space simple while woodwork with some plants, large Bay Windows and a charming young girl with a broad smile.

I am puzzled by the abundance of choice and color of the dishes vegan, organic, gluten free, lactose free, and over all it is largely local and organic... The formula is simple, two buffets: a hot and a cold. We take the size of plate you want and use; you pay by weight, so be strategic:). But everything is just delicious.

Try (from 12:00)

Responsible stance

Vegetarian, vegan, organic and local products

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