Picture of the place

Musée du lama

Palacio Real, ECUADOR

Through the history of the lama, discover the Andean indigenous culture.
The cultural Museum of the lama, Queen of the Andes (lama is a feminine word in Spanish), presents the relationship of Andean populations in the lama through farming, but also for its medicinal use.
Finally, he recalled the close relationship of the lama to Andean indigenous culture, its legends and its presence in the indigenous cosmovision.
Rate: $ 2 per person.

Since Palacio Real, you also have the choice between 3 ballads:
-Mira Loma: 45 min
-Hacienda Simon Bolivar: 45 min
-Las llamas Leyenda: 3 hrs

These ballads are with local guide ($5) and possibility to rent a lama ($5) to transport your children (up to 25 kg) or your business.

Responsible stance

These activities are part of the tourism projects of the Ahuana association which supports the initiatives economic, educational, environmental and cultural Andean indigenous communities of Calpi in Ecuador to improve the conditions of life of these populations, limit rural exodus and preserve the culture of the quichua people.


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