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Musée Fabre

Montpellier, FRANCE

The Musée Fabre is a Museum of paintings but not it also presents works of art Western, sculptures, drawings and objects of art, from the 14th to the 21st century. Me it always made me think of a little Louvre, but downright more digestible.

It offers a varied permanent collection and 3 expo a year, often exceptional, and with exciting tours. I've done the last two years. The exhibition "SANUFO" on one of the many arts of West Africa and the exhibition "The golden age of painting in Naples". And I took really a lot of fun to follow guided tours. I me hurry not to miss the current on Frédéric Bazille ending October 16, 2016.

Responsible stance

Of course for a "classic" Museum it is somewhat complicated to be responsible, including side ecology.

But what struck me here is guided tours for visually impaired.
Suddenly, I was dug a little more Museum proposed approach, and it is pretty good.

-An independent route for visitors with mobility reduced or fatigue;
-Guided visits in sign language;
-Interactive tours for visitors with visual disabilities;
-Interactive visits dedicated to people with mental disabilities, including to basic choreography...

Of course it could go further, by offering especially in the memories gift shop a little more eco-friendly and in restaurant a bit more organic and local products. It could also develop tours program of insertion... But we count on them to slowly develop all these good practices.

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