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Montpellier, FRANCE

A tiny shop of organic cosmetics, created by a fan of cosmetics, engaged in sustainable development at the heart of the old Montpellier - neighborhood of the Exchequer in the street of the ovens.

A time of listening...
Dominique knows what it sells and... does not sell anything to anyone. She avoided a unsuitable purchase for a person with hyper sensitive skin and offered a much cheaper much more suitable original vera aloe gel...

NB: Orders available online

Responsible stance

Cosmetics organic and natural, directly from artisan or french producers: donkey's milk comes from Vendée, product-based honey from a beekeeper of Languedoc-Roussillon, vegetable oils of Brittany, the waters of the Drôme toilet...

The vast majority of the products are composed of first "fresh" material. Not dehydrated or pasteurized

The color Caramel Charter for makeup: ingredients from organic - Eco-design of products, packaging and displays. No test cosmetics on animals.

And... A true tailored advice

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