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Nomad Hotels

Le Havre, FRANCE
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Many bloggers talking about this, we we don't test it, but since the concept is eco-responsible we must talk to you here... So far know that the Concept is also hyper technology!

in any case it seems perfect if you visit the harbour as it is right next to the train station and downtown.

Responsible stance

But an eco-friendly concept what does that mean? Here it means:
-Sheets are pet recycled and recyclable;
-Shower eco-labelled products;
-not chemically treated cotton towels.
-toilet fed by rain water;
-carpet made from recycled; fishing nets
-breakfast with local products;

And while the hotel offers a lot of options there are some we can cancel, including the less environmentally friendly, to see the price of his Bill that:
-change of towels = - €1 - air conditioning = - €1 - TV projector = - €1
-change of sheets = - €2 - you agree to not to exceed a certain threshold of water = - €1

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