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Nostrum Triangle Montpellier

Montpellier, FRANCE

A Catalan idea: offer fast-food homemade dishes, cooked healthily with organic and local products.

For vegetarians, many possibilities and also the "gluten free" for the intolerances... There are also soups, homemade ice cream yogurt... of tortillas, croquettes and gazpacho because the concept comes from Spain (still) Spinach ricotta, for example)

Prices are super reasonable 1, 2, 3 euros.
And there are also pressed to the glass... round oranges (that it's less cool)
Rather "take-away" but we can have lunch on the spot--it's design, made with wood and recyclable material.

quote as string fast food low-cost but quality and bio - "laboratory of local cuisine:"http://www.lesechosdelafranchise.com/franchises-restauration-rapide/restauration-rapide-les-concepts-low-cost-cartonnent-51681.php "

Responsible stance

It's organic, local, veg, gluten, fresh, there is a display of the portions and calories

Affordable prices like that we stop to say that organic is not accessible and it learns to children (and adults) to eat properly.

Worse: the packaging plastic and use of microwave

NB: this is a franchise

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