Picture of the place

Nuts Huts


A small Lodge in the Jungle at the edge of the River, which allows you to immerse yourself in the quiet and nature, while maintaining a great comfort for a reasonable price.

Are recommended through a large comprehensive workbook all feasible activities since the lodge: swim in the River, kayak, hiking (3 proposals concrete) and all visits to go around.

And the restaurant is one of the best we have tested on our trips of 4 weeks in the Philippines.

We regret, however, the lack of joviality of the people of hospitality and service of bar-restaurants, reflecting strongly with the rest of the establishment close to perfection.

Responsible stance

In his large workbook, the property specifies activities avoid for ecological reasons and to fight against animal cruelty. Are deprecated example:
-the boat cruise on the river due to the noise and shock waves that spoil the shore and the banks.
-The Candabong Tarsiers sanctuary where the tarsiers are caged unlike that of Corella;
-Alburquerque zoo where a huge Python is locked in a small cage;
-The National Park Rajah Sikatuna to Bilar which is poorly maintained and to prefer the Sikatuna Tree Park
-the Zoo Sumampong to Gotozon where the cages are too small.

The lodge restaurant offers several vegetarian options.


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