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Beaconsfield, AUSTRALIA
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O.MY is the story of the Bell brothers who, with very limited resources, their dream of opening a restaurant in their region. They found the perfect place in Beaconsfield, a former butcher, and after a lot of work, made a 25-seat restaurant.

The head chef Blayne Bertoncello, inspired by what is currently available in his garden, develops brilliantly his dishes with fresh products and season cultivated by the team in a nearby farm. Since its opening in 2013, the restaurant has become very popular. Whether you come from near and far, O.MY is to be missed for an exceptional culinary experience.

Responsible stance

At O.MY, their food philosophy stems from the respect of the world, what they grow and their commitment for sustainable development and waste reduction. Passionate about culture and the use of fresh products of season and the search for new ingredients required by the restaurant from local suppliers. They don't lack of ideas when it comes to not waste: marinades, dehydration of the remains of fruits, vegetables and flowers...

They also created a large garden in a nearby farm to grow products they offer next to the map. A pretty full of good approach feel so!

Part of the product is organic.


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