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Barcelona, SPAIN

OBBIO opened on September 12, 2013, in order to become the reference of food and healthy living space in Barcelona. It's a challenge successfully! In addition to being a supermarket offering a wide range of organic, healthy, tasty and attractive products, OBBIO is a comfortable and pleasant space that offers an ideal cafeteria for snacks, breakfast, lunch or to ask all afternoon.

We are stopped for breakfast and were thrilled to discover both a superb space, and a choice both varied and delicious! 4 breakfast menus are available to married: hot drinks, bowl of fruit granola (delicious!) sandwich, juice, cakes, muffins, vegan brownie, banana, carot cake - cake as he sings.

The tasting area overlooks a kind of balcony, full of plants, from which it is very nice to eat while watching the sky.

Responsible stance

100% organic, fruits of season products, gluten or lactose-free choice is available.
It is also easy to eat vegetarian and/or vegan, while regarding me with my flexi plan, I could not resist to the ham sandwich.
Finally, for lunch menus, a payment to the weight allows to limit food wastage.

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