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Dauphins de Pamilacan

Pamilacan Island, PHILIPPINES
Animals Boat Tour
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Tours to go observe the dolphins with long beak, between Bohol and Pamilacan. Small size and rather shy, you probably lucky to see fun and impressive jumps, close enough not to hunt down them. The captain should let them live their lives around the boat.

To see long-beaked dolphins, it is ideal to start from Baclayton instead of Panglao (the boat path is shorter, and so less polluting, less expensive, and less gag - it's an opportunity to spend a night at Baclayton if you have almost always stayed on) Panglao.) It is also possible to take a private tour that you will allow to observe dolphins, then up to Pamilacan to spend a good time and to return (count 2550 PHP for the day).

If you are staying at the casita of Baclayon, she can make the booking for you with people you trust. That's what recommends the globe bloggers.

Responsible stance

What is particularly interesting here is that you can enjoy an activity that helped to save these dolphins and feed families. Indeed, before here, dolphins, sharks, whales, whales and manta rays were hunted by the inhabitants of Pamilacan. The ban on hunting in 1985, has prompted the fishermen to develop tourist activities, benefiting not only fishermen and their families, but also other families: catering and accommodations including.

Laura, globes bloggers alert however on the fact that "Unfortunately some people continue to poach and kill dolphins, which meat sells at exorbitant prices." She read "history of a tourist who saw an enjoying a session of dolphin watching boat to hunt dolphins under their noses..."
Stay always alert, and don't let it be.

Today, a dolphin protection program which benefits residents has been implemented.

Moreover, it is equally important, although they are not hunted and just observed, they must be respected! In this adventure the globe bloggers were lucky to have a very respectful captain of the dolphins, who have not hunted down for approaching unnecessarily. You cannot guarantee that this is the case of all masters. In any case if you see abuse, feel free to express your dissatisfaction and tell him to stop. It is also seeing that this kind of behavior is not desired by the tourists, we stop to offer.

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