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Palmar Beach Lodge

Isla Bastimentos, PANAMA

A Lodge and hostel, on the beautiful red frog Beach.
The on-site kitchen is a little expensive, but really delicious and more subtle that what we are used to Bocas, except for breakfast that we found disappointing.

Responsible stance

Palmar Beach Lodge offers filtered water at the bar, used to fill his flask, vegetarian dishes are well highlighted on the menu. Insofar as Palmar Beach Lodge is not perfect, for example they offer cans of beer and soda at the bar, rather than bottles that are recordable and there are no awareness.

On the other hand, I appreciated that the volunteers are there to make the animation, and in no case to do the work of the bar or reception, who him is indeed conducted by local employees.

Moreover, they work with solar panels and they collect rain water, but it's the case of everyone on the island is the most economical way to have fresh water and the only one to have electricity. But to save water they have a system of the foot pump to not let the water flow for nothing, that I loved.

Finally, and this is may be the most important constructions here, are hiding in the jungle and especially the majority are canvas (it's large comfortable aunt - style summer yurt) which allows to remove the day when the establishment closes (and yes it) need to also think about that).

Anyway to summarize, on Bastimentos of other accommodation more engaged there, but it's not bad. When we were there it's the best there is on Red frog Beach.

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