Picture of the place

Parc du Belvedere


It is the largest park and the oldest of Tunis (1892). This is the landscape architect Joseph Laforcade who designed this park, located on a hill of olive groves of the northern part. This large green area is the ball of oxygen of the city. It is very wide and crossed roads and trails riders to go on foot or by car, planted many local species (pines, Palm trees, ficus, eucalyptus, olive trees, etc).
It is home to Tunis zoo, on 13 hectares with 155 species of African wildlife animaules.
A small Pavilion (koubba) of the seventeenth century, were El Haoua sells lifestyle complete the Park.
Yoga classes are held in the open air.

Responsible stance

A group of citizens organized themselves: "the Association of the friends of the Belvedere". Supported by the WWF, she struggles to maintain an urban ecosystem with a rich vegetable range which retains its authenticity and constitutes a cultural heritage. The AAB is registration of the Park of the Belvedere on the list of the gardens historical global for its international recognition and financial assistance for its rehabilitation and working on a garden of plants to collect plants in the process of disappearance located to the southwest of the Park to the Belvedere.

Even if progress has been made on the conditions of detention of animals, the main problem is the number of visitors to the zoo. It is growing steadily and creates pressure on the Park, as are installed nearby attractions for children and ice dealers, etc


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