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Paris Par rues Méconnues

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Make one (or more) atypical walks in Paris, in more authentic than the Champs Elysees neighborhoods. Meet artists, artisans and residents through walks, workshops, or games of puzzles.

Responsible stance

Paris by streets overlooked and its founder Angénic Agnero have been repeatedly recognized as pioneers of a human, ethical and cultural tourism.

In addition to authentic tourism, Paris by unknown streets organizes every year the festival solve me which allows you to reinvest the profits of the solidarity organisations in Africa and create solidarity internationally with a collection of clothing, food, school and medical supplies to improve their living conditions and access to education.

Paris by streets overlooked promotes overall ecological values and best food hygiene as much as social and intergenerational link.

The walks proposed as well as the festival participate in the valorisation of local actors (artists, craftsmen, inhabitants, associations)

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