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Peupl’en harmonie


The scenery association' in harmony offers circuits allowing the discovery of the culture and the traditions of the inhabitants of Guyana as well as their environment, mainly in villages and rural communities from Guyana. The inhabitants themselves will make you discover their village, and their way of life.

It is also possible through the association to participate in International Volunteer for a project of general interest in a village or in a childcare over several months.

We have not been able to act with this association, but it's not envy that we are missing. If you get the chance, tell us!

Responsible stance

The association is primarily aimed at promoting identity and social cohesion in Guyana and uses the development of tourism and the main Exchange as tools. It is his motto "when the encounter with the other becomes a vector of identity development and social cohesion".

As such, and in addition to the circuits it offers (recent activity), t ' in harmony with the development of Community tourism projects in rural villages. That is, she accompanies the associations of inhabitants in the process of implementation and management of their tourism project. This is the case of the association Walyku, a Community tourism project in the village of Favard, who after 2 years of support is now completely independent. The association also participates in the promotion of the offers available in Guyana and brings together stakeholders of tourism, to inform them on the tourism sector.

Furthermore, t ' in harmony promotes exchanges between young Guyanese people from different villages and different communities, and between Guyanese youth and youth from other countries. She offers to share activities, reflections or their daily lives for a few days.


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