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Peuples et Montagnes du Mekong

Phôngsali, LAOS
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People and mountains of the Mekong occasionally organizes solidarity trips with ethnic groups in Northern Laos. We offer to travel off the beaten path and experience closer to ethnic (Hmong, Akha, Khamu) of Northern Laos. You will discover our main places of intervention and help to donate medical and school equipment.

You will be involved in solidarity with school for young deaf of Luang Prabang, a school village and the clinic of NAMPHOUAN, isolated in the mountains. You also have to sleep in part homestay. It's a great opportunity to interact with local people and understand their culture and their way of life. An interpreter will be present throughout the trip.

Responsible stance

People and mountains of the Mekong is an NGO created in order to allow the ethnic minorities of Northern Laos access to primary care and to bring a health. In order to act in the medium and long term, the association offers training for local health workers (doctors, midwives, nurses). In addition to our training, we are concerned of the environment and the conditions in which the work of these healthcare workers: water supply, upgrading and construction of clinic...


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