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Medellín, COLOMBIA

Looks a bit sanitized but elegant type sushi/ceviche a FastFood restaurant. Although the atmosphere is a bit too modern for our taste we enjoyed an original drama/Peru map with several vegetarian and vegan options. The menu mainly of the maki, the poke Bowl, ceviches, Asian bowls and salads.

We tested one of Cartagena, not this one. We have tested the rolls and bowls, and it was very good. However this is not very good and prices, as all sushi in Colombia restaurants, equal almost french prices, makes it expensive for here.

Responsible stance

Great vegetarian options, and a little explanation on the term "pescetarien" or in french "pesco-vegetarian".

For a "fast food" We appreciate that the plates are of real plates, too bad for the cutlery plastic :(

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