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Plastic Bottle Village

Isla Colon, PANAMA

A unique experience!

Faced with the dire situation of the Bocas del Toro archipelago caused by waste, Robert, a Quebec fell in love with the island, has developed a great project of awareness and action: build houses with mountains of plastic bottles that remain on the island after the departure of the tourists, or worse that end up in the ocean.

So he built a castle - Yes, Yes, a castle - and 2 houses with for base of plastic bottles. Castle will soon welcome travelers with family, a couple or in a group, in 4 beautiful suites. For now, Robert proposes to visit the castle still under construction, and to discuss the project in its entirety for only $ 2 per person (Group of 5 mini). It is also possible to enjoy the roof-top bar and its view, events.

The goal of the project is to build other homes that can be as many accommodations, either Guest House in hostel (Youth Hostel), still remains to be seen. Opening of the Castle beginning 2018.

This has been for us really a great pleasure to talk with Robert, to understand his commitment and vision, and Exchange on how set up concrete actions. His credo: "Change the world without changing the Earth" in danger of becoming one of us... Obviously, this isn't the first activity you think by visiting Bocas del Toro (Beach, jungle, diving, surf above all), but it would be a shame to miss the visit. It is still unique in the world and also a simple way to become aware of the environmental situation in Bocas.

Responsible stance

In addition to building houses in plastic bottles (so to recycle and reduce the use of new resources = reduction of negative impacts) and to raise awareness of the problem of the plastic on the archipelago and more generally in the world the Plastic Bottle Village project also has a social component.

To encourage the collection of plastic bottles to raise local awareness, Robert has created a brilliant low tech system. At the Castle and in different spots of the island are on sale of stickers at 25 ¢. These stickers must be glued on plastic bottles and then report at the point of collection of Bocas Town, in Toto. Giving access to the bearer of the bottle to the equivalent of 5 cents of food (only, or tobacco, or alcohol). Obviously the idea is whether tourists who buy the stickers to give to the premises.

The must of the must, the construction could save lives in natural disasters, including tsunami. The construction is made of several panels that could detach and become as much survival rafts in case of big jolts.

Reduction of impact-awareness-creation of positive impacts = perfect combo we everywhere with Voy' Act.

Well done Robert!

NB: It also works on a project of lawsuit - against Coca-Cola and other providers for crime against humanity plastic bottles we support at bottom!

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