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Pondok Damai hotel is located near the village of Sidemen in the middle of the rice fields at the foot of Mount Agung. This haven of peace is made up of several villas of different ranges: from the very luxurious with private swimming pool at the more modest (although when you arrive in Bali, you will understand that the "modest" is already well above what you imagine).

These villas are scattered here and there, between gardens, the garden, the alleys winding and of course, rice fields. The hotel runs as a small village with, such as highlight, the restaurant with view on the Valley and Mount Agung. This place has really been our favorite, we lived it as a break in time, away from the bustle of the city and tourist sites.

Staff, whose a part lives in family, communes completely with his environment and nature that is omnipresent. We have the impression to stay in the middle of a family rather than a luxury resort, what it is yet.

You will have access as on all Bali, in regular activities: hiking, treks, Balinese massages, but Pondok Damai offers also a few surprises: We cooked with the chef of the restaurant who took us the morning at the village for us market introduce local products and we went to visit the gardens and different present gardens in the hotel.

The highlight of our stay is the prayer meeting with the staff of the hotel inside the temple in the garden of the hotel (the Balinese minimum pray three times a day and offerings give rhythm to their daily lives), a very intense and very intimate moment While we are at the base, not very spiritual.

Our room was located on the first floor of a Balinese arts school dedicated to children of Sidemen. The children are delighted to show us the dances, music and traditional songs!

This place was created by Ms. IBU ATI, a highly respected personality in the village of Sidemen and on the entire island. She has devoted her life to making tourism in Bali, eco-responsible and in harmony with nature; It advocates the authenticity of the trip and sharing between cultures. You will certainly meet her at the Pondok Damai, kindness was matched only by his commitment to his island and his people.

Responsible stance

-LOCAL jobs: The hotel staff who saw not on-site, he comes from the village of Sidemen. The hotel gave work has a very large part of the youth of the village, which had no other alternatives to the work in the fields than to go and live in a city far from their families.
-Garden: The hotel restaurant has its own crops of fruit, vegetables and spices. As you walk through the aisles of the hotel you will realize that all paths are followed by crops. We met the chef of the restaurant which is supplied largely with the gardens of the hotel or otherwise, he goes several times a week to the local market of Sidemen.
-MANAGEMENT of waste: Organic waste are recovered to make compost and maintain cultures of the hotel.
-COMMON sense energy: The air conditioning is not systematic, there is no television and a real prevention is placed on the preservation of the water. This is the only hotel where we had glass bottles in our room.
-SHARING with locals: Pasraman Vidya Giri association located at the ground floor of the Pondok Damai is an association created by Ms. ATI, which helps children from the village of Sidemen to learn Balinese traditional dances, songs and music. The will of the founder is to create real moments of sharing between children and travellers so that they can discover new cultures and open to the world.


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