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La ville de Pontevedra

Pontevedra, SPAIN
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A destination, a city, a small town of 83 000 inhabitants in the heart of Galicia, in Spain, entirely without car... To be more precise, the vehicles are still allowed for the delivery and local residents, limited to 30 km/h. Free parking of 4000 seats located 10 min walk from the city centre, allows to reach in this peaceful location.

The interest in addition to the lack of air and noise pollution, it is that the city has been adapted so: pedestrian and bicycle lanes, disappearance of the sidewalks to ask benches everywhere, spaces green and playgrounds have been built. We would like others to follow the example.

Pontevedra has received numerous international awards for its quality of life, its accessibility and its urban mobility policy: the European Prize in 2013 Intermodes in Brussels, the international price of UN-Habitat in 2014 in Dubai, the urban excellence award of the Center for active Design in 2015 in New York.

Responsible stance

Pontevedra is a city without a car for 15 years. Since the decision to ban cars, pollution has decreased by 65%. So development of travel on foot and by bike and very little noise.

The little more fun, a smartphone app has been developed: MetroMinuto. It allows residents to choose their routes and to calculate the travel time, count the steps and calories.

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