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Prem Vegetarian Bistro

Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM

Located in district 3 of Ho Chi Minh City, this restaurant has it all: already place him even is welcoming, located on the first floor of a yet very busy street, you run into a wave of sweetness as soon as completed. The cozy so that the many photos on the walls with several inspirational quotes invite you to travel... go for it!

Extremely well received by our host, 3 options so we for dinner: on the terrace, in the "conventional" with tables and chairs traditional but not air-conditioned room, 3rd option or the room air conditioned with low table and sofas (pardon the planet but we will choose that one, she was too nice...)

After taking place do you expect to have a good time on the map both the choice of dishes is important (pasta, pizza, dishes Vietnamese tradis, burger, sandwich... it's awesome!). For us it will be cauliflower quinoa meatballs in a turmeric/coconut, Tempeh burger and 1 Chapati sauce. Special mention for happy hour where we tasted Eggplant grilled/spinach/Walnut of simply divine cashew accompanied for myself a smoothie healthy 'Golden Sun'... I won't say more :)

Low rates given the quality of the dishes served in a reasonable amount (some may find the portions a little light).

In addition, a library is available where you can find several books on the vegetarian cuisine but also on yoga and other philosophies of life healthy. Besides, yoga and meditation classes are apparently provided by side but I failed to get more info on the subject.

In summary, Prem means "love" in Sanskrit... I think all is said :)

Responsible stance

A restaurant vegetarian and vegan friendly with an amazing choice of dishes and the flavors to fall: a real favorite!

Fresh produce
Homemade vegetarian and vegan
Healthy spirit
Yoga spirit


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