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Réserve naturelle de NYER


Natural space protected 2200 HA, only regional natural reserve of Pyrénées-Orientales, she is also the most inaccessible of all the Catalan natural reserves: unmanaged and spectacular gorges, cliffs... It is an exception for the Golden Eagle or the Pilgrim Falcon territory, but it is also the Kingdom of bats with 22 present and protected species.

Instead of traditional activities such as hunting, fishing and farming who exercise in respect of the natural environment.

Responsible stance

The natural regional Reserve of Nyer contributes by its missions to the protection and management of the natural heritage (identification of natural resources, their threats and their issues, and reconciliation of this heritage with activities traditional such as farming) as well as hospitality and educating the public.

The reserve offers to be aware of nature through hiking, a nature trail, etc. An exhibition about bats: "A stunning world" is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, which earned him the "Tourism and disability" brand.

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