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Réserve naturelle marine de Banyuls

Banyuls-sur-Mer, FRANCE

Created in 1974 at the foot of the Albères massif, the nature Reserve is located between the big island to Banyuls-sur-mer and the Cap Peyrefite. It extends about 6.5 km from shore and about 2 km off the coast, is a total area of 650 hectares of sea.

The particularity of this reserve is an underwater trail (open in July and August) during which Astrée, a small sea star, is his environment and his friends, thanks to a technology located in tuba. A walk fun... on a course laid out and secured 250 m, punctuated of 5 5 ecosystems representative of observation stations.

Responsible stance

The objectives of the Reserve are:-keep the original habitats and their species diversity: more than 1200 species and 500 plant species, of which 49 have a protection status: the Posidonia, red coral, large mother of Pearl, and the date of sea (biv (Alves), the great cicada (crustacean), the white stripe, the bottlenose dolphins.
-Control human activities in order to make it compatible with the attendance of heritage conservation. The "Réserve" effect is ensured by the implementation of measures of protection outside the site and the public awareness. Besides all diver sign the Charter on the website and available at the Information point of the reserve and in the authorities of the rocky coast. And it is recommended to dive with local dive centers that have signed.

Two areas of mooring-Cape the bee and the Cove of Peyrefite level have been implemented to avoid that anchors damage funds the educational service of the Marine Natural Reserve, under the leadership of the academic Delegation of the Board of education of Montpellier establishes a link between the school and the cultural and scientific activities of the reserve.

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