Picture of the place

Ecolodge Orcea & SPA


The Orcea Spa residence offers its guests a natural and soothing setting for a stay in paradise. (Be sure you have the "smile" as soon as you walk out the door!) Travellers plunge during their stay in the green spirit of the residence.

You secure in a bungalow. The décor is inspired by the décor of the colonial type houses. Wood brings a freshness! No need AC, in all cases during the day, because the bungalows well maintain the freshness.

Stay and enjoy the services of the ORCEA residence opens a perspective of the 5 senses:

Admiration of the dance of the foliage to the rhythm of the wind
The intoxicating smell of the natural wood
Unzip through bird songs
The taste of the fruit of the racket.

All the spa treatments are customized and made from organic products.

Responsible stance

The owners have built this ecolodge by putting in first place the nature, because they are concerned about the environment.
-There is no wifi, no TV or another gadget that sends waves constantly all day and that are harmful to your health.
-At ORCEA, we do the sorting of waste: plastics with plastic boxes with boxes and throw the peels of fruits and vegetables in a dumpster to make compost.
-Water is heated through a solar water heater.
-Insecticides and pesticides are replaced by natural techniques.
-Fruits of the organic garden.
-All the spa treatments are made from organic products.


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