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Dipabhavan Meditation Center

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It's an adventure as such but to come spend a week of meditation retreat at Dipabhavan Meditation Center, on the island of Koh Samui on the lush heights.

You must be prepared to abide by the rules of this retreat: observe silence, eat 2 meals per day, participate in the "course" and practice of sitting meditation and walked every day, waking up at 4:30 in the morning, sleeping on a hard bed in a dorm... anyway u n little determination is required.

But if you go beyond these deprivations for 6 days and you get to the end, you will learn a lot about you, on Buddhism (whether your confession or not), when this hard but very rewarding experience.
Do at least once in his life.

Responsible stance

Share the precepts of Buddhism you go follow during this retreat and that are followed by the monks and nuns so that staff, this place has a low impact on the environment:
-2 vegetarian meals per day
-local food used for meals
-respect for wildlife and the surrounding Flora (not to kill people, not to smoke...)
-sorting of plastic for recycling

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