Picture of the place

Ricky's Beach House Sumatra

Sungai Pinang, INDONESIA

Bungalows on the beach of a small village of fishermen in Sumatra.
Authenticity, conviviality and sharing are the key words.

Discovery of the jungle and the life of an Indonesian village.
Many on-site activities (trek through the jungle to the rice paddies and the cascades, day snorkelling and desert island, fishing, workshops with village craftsmen, course of kitchen, singing and guitar at night,...)

The price/quality ratio is extra.

Possibility to book a trip to Mentawai (flower men).

It's 2: 00 in Padang and the road is really hard, this place deserves and is recommended for travellers who are not followers of luxury and comfort. It is possible to request a driver in contacting Ricky or go by public transport. Everything is shown on their website.

Ricky speaks very good English and french (as well as Spanish and German). The team speaks English well and regularly teaches the french into contact with travellers.

Responsible stance

Ricky, the Manager of the establishment, has created an ecotourism project to discover an authentic village of Sumatra while allowing local development through redistribution of the benefits of the structure (creating employment for a ten young from poor families who make up the team of RBH, participation at the expense of school of the village, the villagers health care, aid to the mosque...)

The food and drinks are from the village and activities offered to tourists are working premises. The project has become an engine of the local economy.


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