Picture of the place



Salecina is an old farmhouse over 300 years renovated in 1972, by Amalie and Theo Pinkus and their friends from across Europe. The goal is to make it a cultural center on the left where holiday and make meetings through workshops and seminars.

A vacation place, accessible to small budgets, in a wonderful setting: the region of Maloja.
It is a self-managed project combining hospitality and intangible values.

Responsible stance

Salecina is primarily a community place where guests get their hands in the dough and are an integral part of the staff. What made the stay a unique experience. The result of this double function (host and be welcomed (e) at the same time) a particular quality of service. And as this are only those who really want who cook, every meal is a pleasure to share his specialties.

Regardless of the menu or the Cook, the food choice and always made based on season products if possible in the region, provided by Salecina: milk from the Latteria of the village of meat from the butcher to the Valley, the C Alpine goat cheese avloc...


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