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Sam's Burgers

Montpellier, FRANCE
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A Burgers counter ?... Yes, a counter here no table, just a window on the street to order and why not go home or eat his delicious burger in one of the bars on the street.

Delicious Burgers, the word is almost weak, at least as far as vege burgers are concerned!! yes yes, here is the best veggie burger in Montpellier, and I admit, maybe from France. I still salivate so much it was good. We tasted two sweet cheese and Cheese Burger Beyond Meat. And it's great art!!! There's no reason to eat meat when you're eating here, really. Psq I'm the first to want to eat less meat and regularly crack psq really I like meat, but there ... You don't have to. I discovered the place last night and want to go back!

Responsible stance

In total are no less than 5 different vegetarian offers for this tiny burger restaurant!

In addition, they deliver by live bike (without going through the new delivery systems that we know well and that do nothing for the environment or to help the poor delivery men).

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