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Sancy Glaces


During my stay in Vichy, even though it was very hot I don't have time to take a good ice but I was in front of this glacier which seemed not bad. They propose 36 flavors: licorice, Vichy lozenge, armagnac prunes, almonds, grilled, Lemon-Basil, orange-carrot-ginger, mojito...

Otherwise, I understand that this laboratory of artisanal ice local and natural has several points of sales and also dealers and restaurants who offer their ice in the regions of Auvergne. Yum!

Responsible stance

According to the site of the glacier, ice milk and water sorbets come from the solid mass of Sancy and ice are made by a craftsman with simple and healthy (without artificial flavours, no coloring, preservative-free and gluten), products selected with care by promoting short circuits, the proximity and seasonal products.

However unfortunately it seems to be far from the zero waste with small pots and spoons mini plastic... :(

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