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Sapa Sisters Trekking


Make a Trek around Sapa Guide by Hmong women... the idea is simple and brilliant!

In the area of Sapa, famous for his treks, the organization run by women of the Hmong minority offers treks without an intermediary (or hotels or tour operators) so that profits are entirely on the community.

The Hmong with a higher level of poverty and barriers to access to capital or relationships 'business' most important, Sapa Sisters made a beautiful project that needs you to continue! Thanks to the treks, Hmong women have higher income and are also changing their role in the community!

Always smile, our Chi guide made us discover the surroundings of Sapa (with her baby in the back!) for 4 days (Group of 3 people, in may 2016) wonderful.

Responsible stance

-Contribution to the Hmong community, by and for women (guaranteed salaries and employment in the long term), support to counter a society still men-centric
-Contact local homestays, participation in the surrounding community

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