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Montpellier, FRANCE
Doing Workshop Coffee Shop Restaurant Caterer
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Savage is a catering Restaurant which offers a lunchbox on the spot or to take away.
I am not driven by to cleanly spoken, I found the flyer Marcel & son, an organic supermarket and the words organic, local, paleo and gourmand attracted my eye and my stomach. I hope to go soon tested the address.

In the meantime I resumed a few inspiring words of the fb page:
"Wild is a way of life that lives in me since my childhood." I grew up in the Vosges in the middle of the forest, between the organic garden of my dad and the picking of berries, mushrooms and herbs with my grandma. It is essential for us to promote local and organic agriculture. Simply feed with common sense. With wild, I want back to the basics of natural food away from industrialization and our sedentary lifestyles. "A warming kitchen and soothing, full of PEP and especially who has sense!"

Savage also offers cooking classes.

Responsible stance

Products organic and local, healthy cooking and healthy eating awareness.

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