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Scuba 6 Eco diving

Bastimento, PANAMA

Scuba 6 Eco-diving is as its name suggests a Dive Center, located on the island of Bastimentos.

During our stay of 3 weeks (November 2017), in the islands of Bocas del Toro, we chose to exclusively dive with them because they are the only ones which seemed truly engaged. Regarding them, our experience has not denied it. All 2 diving enthusiasts, we looked forward to again us after almost 2 years without. The pleasure was even bigger thanks to Ginette, a Quebec of 67 who with her husband Michel, Scuba 6.
In addition, Ginette was 2 days a real mine of information in biological material than on addresses and gossip of the island. She even well tipped us on good behaviour and more suspicious of nearby institutions. A real treat!

My little darlings of this dive: the pufferfish, too cute and super curious nose.

Responsible stance

The only Center certified diving 100% Aware, Green Fins and Blue Label, if it isn't the only one in Central America.

In addition, Ginette really takes the time before and after diving to brief and debrief, what I find really admirable (and unfortunately too rare). We absolutely knew all about animals that we would see, their behavior, their biology... Ginette is a former Professor of biology 😉

We have also had some very interesting discussions on best practices to adopt in diving, those put in place by Scuba 6 and those who unfortunately are not by other dive centers of bocas del toro, including the absolute necessity of not feed the fish. I also enjoyed all the posting about it on the spot, a good way to educate those who are not.

Finally, each year Scuba 6 participates in a "beach clean up" underwater (they could do this more often?).

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