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Serpentario del Valle

El Valle de Anton, PANAMA

The ideal place to learn more about snakes in general and in particular to the Panama. Experience that could be useful if you plan a little hiking during your trip. And if you die of envy to observe a Boa kill then swallow a mouse, it is also the ideal place... Personally, it wasn't the highlight of the visit ;)

Responsible stance

Here it is not in a zoo but in a Rescue Center and a center of snake sensitivity. There are many snakes in the Panama and the population is there not know much about, so, not knowing if one is dangerous or not they prefer to kill him.

The serpentario has 2 objectives. First it comes to retrieve snakes who venture too loans of humans, possibly cure them and put back them in nature far enough away to not endanger humans and at the same time a suitable location where it will be not a pest. Then it comes to awareness of primarily local behaviour to adopt, to recognize poisonous snakes and those who are not, and globally to learn to not always be afraid of snakes.

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