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El Nido, boats tour agencies are very numerous, offer all the same tricks, at the same time and at the same price. Consequence: the spots are a bit crowded.

Charter skipper, offers open towers, in smaller Committee and with different circuits and above all more or less tailored to define onsite and according to the needs with others. "An alternative option really interesting to visit the archipelago (a little) avoiding the crowd and visiting spots from the different towers more. "Their secret: they use some speed boats, small boats fast." according to globes bloggers interest also is that groups are more small 6-8 but necessarily that at a price, and it is therefore higher than for others. It's a choice that really seems worth it anyway!

Responsible stance

From an ecological point of view, the globes bloggers tell us that "they have a Charter of good ecological practices actually applied" and in our view, they are not very likely to happen, so we say go go go. Although we'd like to know more, but for this we count on you to tell us soon!

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