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Smokey Tours is an opportunity to discover Manila, Manila authentic. Are organized circuits in disadvantaged communities of Manila, guided by inhabitants of these communities, as well as other visits Manila (by bike, visit a market, to a cemetery, discovery of cockfighting...), always guided by the people from local communities. An incredible opportunity to discover an often hidden aspect of Manila, in all authenticity!
For more information, feel free to enjoy the experience of the Sabrina Lovino on JustOneTicket.com blogger: http://www.justonewayticket.com/2014/05/11/smokey-mountain-a-walk-through-the-slums-of-manila-philippines/

Responsible stance

Smokey towers form people from the communities disadvantaged to do tours of their community and Manila and improve their living conditions. Visits to sensitize travellers to the current situation of these communities, to inspire individuals with the desire to change our societies and to reduce the gaps between people of different origins. Finally, all of the profits is donated to CREST, a local NGO that helps and prepare local communities in the event of natural disasters.

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