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Solar Hotel

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Solar hotel, is a pioneer in ecological material in Paris (opened 10 years). Red Pandas, have fallen under the spell of Frédérique, the militant founder of Solar hotel and made it a great portrait that helped us you give all these info.

And we we're want to go have a look, because in addition to being super engaged, the hotel looks very nice and is not very expensive for Paris.

Responsible stance

No wonder this hotel is an example in environmental matters since its owner is none other than Franck Laval (joined GreenPeace, former leader of friends of the Earth, one of the creators of Generation ecology, creator and president of ecology without) Borders, originally of the grenelle of the environment...).

Here, an environmental audit was already more than 10 years ago, and the recommendations followed almost as long:
-lamps low consumption
-saving water in the rooms (30% discount)
-recovery of rainwater through a (very) large decorative vases in the garden, water is then used to water the plants and feed the collective Toilets of the hotel
-solar panels to power the light on the front of the hotel, - panels free bicycles for guests
-use of non-nocifs eco-responsible cleaning products for health,
-SOAP/shampoo dispenser

All this has helped Solar hotel to get the European Ecolabel and the maximum score of the Green key label.

Plus, the approach here is also designed to be green, not more expensive, so the prices of the rooms are soft. and solidarity is not outdone since:
-hires are often in school of second chance;
- and mainly in the neighborhood.

Finally, the Solar Hotel is a place of associative and militant life since it is the headquarters of the NGO Sea Shepherd. You will discover also regularly here, art openings and exhibitions, they are also the relay of an AMAP and will provide as much as they can in local shops.

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