Picture of the place

Dakhla Westpoint


Dakhla Westpoint is an ecolodge which advocates sustainable development and ecology.

It is also, and even before any a spot of surfing and kite. But these aren't the only activities in the area: the paddle, fishing, visit to an Oyster farmer, discovery of natural hot springs... For the kite and surfing courses are available. Anyway, in addition to enjoying a sublime environment, we will not get bored.

In terms of accommodation it is 40 bungalows for 4 people. But when we're talking about bungalows... it is definitely a small lovely house, mezzanine and wood and thatched roofs (allow between € 150 and € 250 for 2).

Responsible stance

To build the bungalows, bags of sand collected in situ were used for the walls. The use of concrete was reduced to its minimum. The decoration and furniture are derived from the recycling of old fishing boats.

Recycling of waste water, photovoltaic, solar heating to electricity, jobs and local suppliers and use of drip for watering.


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