Picture of the place


Montpellier, FRANCE

A small amazing restaurant where it is proposed that a mobbed up. But beware, nothing to do with the simple croque monsieur or croque Madam, here we're original!

On the menu: the tradition, camembert, the trout, the tapenade, Morteau, the vegetarian and the undertaker of the moment.
The vegetarian who makes me very desire consists of Zucchini, mint, fresh cheese and emmental so the Tapenade enjoy with chicken, tapenade, the mozzarella and olive oil.

on the spot or to take away...

Responsible stance

Signatory to the Charter my wasteful Zero restaurant created by JCI Montpellier.
A stock management absolutely exemplary allowing Zero loss, because she prefers to arrive late in the day by not having more all available products rather than spoil. And if he sometimes make a forecast error, she 2 clever solutions. It proposed to offer a little something to these most loyal customers, either through the application to good to go.
Furthermore, she systematically offers a caramels for take out anything you haven't finished. Even almost Chase you in the street (truthful).

Others +++
The Mie bread is homemade every morning
Her only regret, she doesn't know what to do with coves of the bread...
She doesn't sort not its organic waste because it has not yet found the solution, but hope that my restaurant wasteful Zero, created by the Montpellier PVE action will provide solutions.


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