Picture of the place

Super Nature


Super Nature is an address - multiple: restaurant, canteen, take-away and the menu for the weekend brunch. All this with products healthy, organic, most local and worked.

With their different locations, there is the choice for everyone, whether it's a quick lunch, a restaurant open in the evening to relax with friends, brunch on weekends... It is open at any time!

I have stayed here several times for brunch only. The first time was there a long time, and then find healthy brunch, organic and vegetarian, corresponded to a miracle. Thank you friends for being there from the beginning! Of course since it is bigger, but I have no doubt that the spirit is there.

Responsible stance

The first commitment of Super Nature is to respect the product: everything is organic, healthy, most local, in any case select with care by the cooks.

Vegetarians are served but the carnivores are not left with the House burger. There are also dishes without gluten and lactose, to satisfy the largest number.

Most are biodegradable cutlery for the takeout, the doggy bags on request, and products from fair trade such as tea or coffee.

But the super most is that everything is good :) But it's also very filling, so don't forget your tupperware!


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