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Sustainable Bolivia

Riberalta, BOLIVIA
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Founded in 2007, Sustainable Bolivia is a non-profit NGO that develops conservation and sustainable development initiatives in the Bolivian Amazon. In partnership with the locals they organize expeditions in the Aquicuana Reserve (hiking, bird watching, discovery of medicinal plants, canoeing and fishing).

In addition, Sustainbale Bolivia offers a volunteer program within the community, in various projects: Education, health, conservation, administrative support, biological research, art, ... Do not hesitate to watch the videos of previous volunteers to make you an idea of the diversity of projects.

Responsible stance

We participate in the protection of the rainforest. In 2016, we helped protect more than 20,000 hectares of rainforest, creating the Aquicuana Reserve.

On the reserve, we work in partnership with local communities and oversee projects that focus on community ecotourism, conservation and resource management, and environmental education / research.

In the neighboring town of Riberalta, we help local organizations by offering volunteers and micro-grants. We provide local scholarships, organize internships and help find opportunities for international and professional students. We also supervise a Spanish and native language school providing education in Chacobo, Cavineño and Ese Ejja (indigenous languages).

Overall, the organization also does its part by sorting waste and composting.

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