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4 bike-taco Taco & co are circulating in the city of Arles to offer a fast, economic, ecological and personal transport service. It is even more significant that the streets of Arles are not at all suited to the car!

Tricycles, which are electric can carry up to 3 people. That's a perfect travel mode from the station to his accommodation, make a quick run when we're tired or disabled, or do an original ballad in the old Center. Last year, I was in crutch to visit Arles photo festival, and I was glad to be able to benefit from this mode of transport, 2 - 3 times, including to come and go from the train station, and to the workshops (fans of the festival will be what I mean ;) )

Based at the bus station of Arles, Taco & Co now offers a service of luggage lockers and rental bikes of the arrival at the station of Arles (that I have not tested, but in July, we'll see).

Responsible stance

TRANSPORT not pollutant but not only...
I've already mentioned, it is also excellent news for people with reduced mobility, but not only...

Taco & Co also offers eco-friendly deliveries for goods intended for the former centre of Arles, so thanks to Taco & Co, travelers reduce their footprint, but not only them, also shops that can be delivered to This way for the last kilometer or offer deliveries in Taco. This is the case of Solid grocery ' Arles

Finally, Yes Yes promised, this is the last point: Taco & Co also participates, on the way back from their deliveries to the recovery of certain waste: glass, cardboard, contract with the city.

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