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We are an agency of visits to eco-tourism and solidarity trips to Algeria. Our visits are organized or pay-per-view.

Created by Karim Tedjani and Malika Dec, two tourists in Algeria, our start-up aims to promote sustainable development in Algeria.

Karim Tedjani is one activists, environmentalist and bloggers followed and most recognized in Algeria, notably for having created a reference site for ecology in Algeria (www.nouara-algerie.com) and for his many lectures, actions and interventions media, in partnership with many NGOs and Algerian institutions.

Our company is in large part a logical continuation of this more militant action of 9 years.

"The balance is a movement!"

Responsible stance

-LIMITED ecological FOOTPRINT - In a country that is a continent, we encourage transport to our destination by car, not plane. We limit travel in motor vehicles, on sites where we make our visits. We prefer local food and local trade. We make sure not to disturb the ecology of places, still more to leave clean the sites we visit. We prefer priority destinations homestay, preferably from rural areas, whose lifestyles are often very sober in energy, water, and industrial consumption of consumer products... We prefer to our communication and administration support web and mail, rather than the content on paper. In a country little inclined to this kind of ecological behavior, we try to do our best.

Our concept, "Moul el Dar" (the host) is centered on the accommodation homestay or guesthouse. The guides we recruit are always local, we make sure that the kitchen and other services offered to our customers are offered by people living in douars (campaigns) where we make our stays.

The associative network of Tawazoon is the same as that of Neil - algerie.com. That is to say more than a thirty Algerian wilayas. Our approach is to design our trips in their company to the maximum and to involve them in the course of the latter. We their pay a donation for their service and usually employ the premises they advise us. Arddh, Sidra, Barik 21, Torba, Pearl of the Zeccar, El Hana, Act, and so many others are our local partners we can mobilize according to the demands of our customers.

We use also national parks such as me, or the Directions of local forests to accompany and guide during visits to protected sites. They also put us in relationship with families more able to accommodate our clients and understand the concept of sustainable tourism and solidarity.

Sometimes, as on our visits to Algiers, we ask architects, historians and other citizens of a community service, in order to offer our customers the opportunity to work with real passionate about their local Algerians.

Solidarity, ecology, responsibility...

This address has been shared on 14/02/2018 by Karim Tedjani , the establishment itself.


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