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The Raw Kitchen

Fremantle, AUSTRALIA
Doing Workshop Yoga & co Coffee Shop Restaurant Shopping Everyday Products
This place has not been visited yet, but was found by Elisabeth Gournay. If you know this place, you can add more infos about it by pressing the "I tried it!" button down on the right!

A restaurant and shop: facility that I absolutely want to visit on my next trip Australian. If you go, tell me what you thought, their commitments appeared so strong and true!

The hotel also offers kitchen and workshops workshops zero waste and just above the restaurant you will find a yoga studio.

Responsible stance

A vegetarian restaurant committed zero waste, and shop too! + vegan friendly + organic

The shop specializes in products to a zero-waste lifestyle. Restaurant is also heaven gluten and lactose, sugar refined nor produced additive.

Furthermore, it was announced on their site so many great practices, that we wanted to share them in detail:
-in the kitchen they maximally reduce food and plastic waste, and practical compost
-the products ecological interviews, green lighting, recycled paper and green certified appliances
-all waste is sorted and recycled
-the straws are stainless steel
-take-out dishes are served in biodegradable packaging
-a system of loyalty cards encourages customers to have their own reusable Cup and straw (these are made by recycling the old menu 💕)
-disposable markers (used in the kitchen) have been replaced by a rechargeable and pens by wooden pencils
-There's no bottled water but a flat and sparkling water fountain (the remains of the tables are reused to water plants)


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